Info Volunteers

Join the best team of volunteers!

On Sunday 23 April 2023, the Poseidon Half Marathon Race will be held for the thirteenth year, as well as the parallel races.

Their success will depend mainly on our contribution and participation.

Thank you very much for your willingness to join our team of volunteers!

The Volunteer Spirit

We could say:

We offer in a spirit of responsibility

We participate with enthusiasm

We are diligent but also patient.

Our role on race day

Our offer consists mainly in providing assistance but also in ensuring the necessary safety to the runners, the other volunteers and the spectators.

We remain in our position and do not abandon it without having informed a person in charge of the organization.

In case you need clarification you can contact your team leader.

We are smiling, welcoming the athletes, while constantly supporting and encouraging them.

The Volunteer Team of the Poseidon Half Marathon creates its own "School" and tries to bring out the HUMAN in all its glory.

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