Lets go! 16th International Poseidon Athens Half Marathon, Other Races & Events - Sunday 27 April 2025

Lets go!

On Sunday, April 27, 2025, we will again run and walk near the sea, in the 16th International Poseidon Athens Half Marathon, in Falirikos Ormos & in one of the most beautiful sections of the coastal Poseidon Avenue!

Plan your participation now and with the opening of the registrations that will be notified to you in time, secure your registration!

The races are dedicated to the effort to raise awareness of society in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity, but also to the need to lead more and more people to the importance of daily exercise and sport.

I run and I walk. I value my steps. Action on Diabetes and Obesity. NOW!

Races on certified routes:
1. Half marathon, 21.1 km
2. Half Marathon Relay (2 runners), 21.1 km
3. Quarter (1/4) Marathon, 10+ km
4. Novo Nordisk Road Race 5 km
5. Power Walking Novo Nordisk, 5km
6. Poseidon Athens Kids Run, 1 km
7. Charity Run of the "ALMA" Association, 1 or 2 km
8. Group Registrations

Entry Limits: Entry limits apply to all races.

1. Panhellenic Painting Competition for children from 4-14 years old
2. ECO–Environment. Attitude to life!
3. Volunteering SOCIETY (Spring Events)
4. Music & MUSICIANS on the wave

Volunteering program:
1. the Volunteer program is scheduled to open on Sunday, January 2, 2025.
2. come to live together a unique new experience and encourage "our" people in their endeavor.

1. Region of Attica
2. Municipality of Palaio Faliro
3. Municipality of Alimos
4. Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT)
5. Hellenic Diabetes Association (EDE)
6. World Health Organization - Healthy Cities
7. Greek Police
8. European Federation "Sports for All" (UESpT) and

The Detailed Announcement of the Races will be posted on the website of the Organization https://poseidon-athenshalfmarathon.com/

Find us on social media

1. https://www.facebook.com/Poseidon.Athens.Halfmarathon/
2. https://www.instagram.com/poseidon_athens_half_marathon/
3. https://twitter.com/AthensHalfMara1/
4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkO0swlZ50DCwVfyb6ArqUQ
5. https://gr.pinterest.com/PoseidonAthens/

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