The Organizing Committee thanks: All participants in the 2024 races, Sponsors, Supporters, Organizations, and our Volunteers

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The great success of the 15th International Poseidon Athens Half Marathon, the Other Races, and the Events on April 21, 2024, could not have been achieved, with a new participation record, without the perennial support of our Sponsors and the contribution of all the Entities that have embraced and supported the first (historical) Half Marathon organized in Athens!, but also, the invaluable contribution of our Volunteers who are the soul of our races!

Particularly, we will focus on the many foreign runners who chose to travel representing 70 different nationalities from 45 countries, in order to participate in the #POSEIDONAHM races and to get to know Greece and Greeks up close, for most of them for the first time.

We thank them all for their kind words regarding the races and their mention of the warm hospitality they received from all of us!

First winner of the Half Marathon: VILHO LOUKKALAHTI (Finland - IF RASEBORG) with a time of 1:13:53
Second Half Marathon Winner: SEBASTIAN KAISER (Denmark - ADIDAS RUNNERS COPENHAGEN) with a time of 1:17:10
Third Half Marathon Winner: SPYROS KATSOULIS (Hellas - Lamda Flisvos Marina S.A.) with a time of 1:17:22
First female winner of the Half Marathon: ANNA KAWALEC (Poland - ESKADRA KRAKOW) with a time of 1:28:56
Second female winner of the Half Marathon: ANNA GIANNADAKI (Hellas APS DROMIS SYROS) with a time of 1:30:14
Third female winner of the Half Marathon: ANASTASIA TSOUROUKTZI (Hellas L-CREW) with a time of 1:30:28

The Organizing Committee expresses its  g r a t i t u d e:

To all participants in the races, who honored us with their presence and contributed, on the one hand, to establishing and expanding such a beautiful and promising event, and on the other hand, to promoting the two social messages concerning the efforts of raising awareness, prevention, and treatment of Obesity and Diabetes, which have become a global epidemic, and ECO - Environment. A Way of Life! concerning the imprint and the Ecological Orientation that we aim to achieve through the races.

♦ To all our Volunteers who participated enthusiastically, supporting our Volunteering Program. We are a very large Team. The largest!

♦ To the Region of Attica, under whose auspices the races have been held.

♦ To the Municipality of Palaio Faliro, Mayor Mr. Giannis Fostiropoulos, with whom we jointly started these races and who has been warmly and continuously supporting them ever since. To Deputy Mayor Mr. Michalis Koumentakos, President of our co-organizer Sports and Cultural Center of the Municipality of P. Faliro (NPPD), who provided all the facilities and personnel of the Center.

♦ To the Municipality of Alimos and Mayor Mr. Andreas Kondylis, the president of the BOD of the Municipality of Alimos Mr. Stefanos Diamantis, and Deputy Mayor Mr. Nikos Alavanos, who have been hosting the races under the auspices of the Municipality since 2019, as they are also held within the boundaries of the Municipality of Alimos.

♦ To the official sponsor of the Road Race Novo Nordisk and the Power Walking Novo Nordisk, the General Manager Mr. Olympios Papadimitriou and the Director of Corporate Affairs Ms. Mairy Karageorgou, who participate in the races with the multi-member Team Run to Change Diabetes - Novo Nordisk Hellas and who support the effort of the organization for raising awareness in society on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Diabetes and Obesity, as well as the need to lead more people to the importance of daily exercise and sports.

♦ To our Major Sponsor, the Natural Mineral Water "VIKOS" & the Natural Mineral Soft Drinks "VIKOS", which, as every year, ensured the hydration of the participating athletes in all races at the supply stations and at the finish line by providing additional products from the full range of Natural Mineral Soft Drinks "VIKOS".

♦ To the Heracles Group of Companies, exclusive sponsor for many years of the Volunteering Program, whose executives and personnel participated collectively in the races.

♦ To the Vitamin Drink VITAMIN WELL which covered the needs of the runners of all races with vitamins and trace elements, both on the route and at the finish lines.

♦ To CHIQUITA HELLAS who, continuously since the first organization, filled us with energy with their bananas and have supported the races throughout the years.

♦ To the Managing Director of Lamda Marinas Investments Mr. Stavros Katsikadis and the Personnel of MARINA FLOISVOS, for providing the passing areas and the enthusiastic support of all races and events from their inception.

♦ To the Organization for Children's Aid & Sports "Giannis Gallos" of the Municipality of Kallithea, Deputy Mayor Mr. Giorgos Margomenos and the personnel, for providing the passing areas, coordinating the information to all clubs and entities under its jurisdiction.

♦ To the Panhellenic Association of Adapted Activities "ALMA", for children & adolescents with intellectual disabilities and autism, for whose purposes we organize the Chirity Run "ALMA".

♦ To the Hellenic Police, under whose auspices the races have been held, as well as to the Physical Education Service of the Police (UFAYA) for the participation & support of Olympians and World Champions in the Charity Run "ALMA" for children with intellectual disabilities and autism.

♦ The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), under the auspices of which the races are organized.

♦ The Hellenic Diabetes Association (EDE), under the auspices of which the races are organized.

♦ The Olympic Athletic Center of Athens "Spyros Louis" (O.A.K.A) and the Coordinator Director Mr. Konstantinos Haliotis, for their support by providing the necessary equipment for the conduct of the races, both within and outside the stadium.

♦ The Samaritan, Rescuer & Lifeguard Department of the Hellenic Red Cross, the President of the Hellenic Red Cross Dr. Antonios Avgerinos, and the Sector Leader Ms. Niki Nikolopoulou, for their substantial participation and contribution of their large team, including cyclists, motorcyclists, and vehicles with special equipment they provided, in matters of Security and First Aid.

♦ The National Emergency Center (EKAV), the staff, and the Director of Medical Services Mr. Dimitris Pyrros, for the excellent coverage of the races with the staffing of ambulances and vehicles.

♦ The Public Television ERT and the radio ERA Sport, for their significant and enduring commitment to the Races and Events, as communication sponsors on Television and Radio.

COSMOTE TV for the exceptional coverage of the races and events, positioning themselves as Communication Sponsors.

♦ The website, which has supported the organization for many years.

♦ The website, which has supported the organization for many years.

♦ The website iRun, which supports the organization.

Channel1 Piraeus 90.4, which supports the organization.

ECO - ENVIRONMENT, WAY OF LIFE All athletes and volunteers embraced and supported consistently the recycling program and non-burdening and pollution within and outside the stadium along the route, from Flisvos Marina to Kallithea Sailing Marina and on Poseidonos Avenue from the Trocadero tram stop to the junction with Amfitheas Avenue. The design and organization of the program are done in collaboration with the "TEAM FOR THE WORLD" Institute headed by Mr. Georgios Kazantzopoulos & the Greek company "RECYCLING EXPLOITATION".

♦ The Traffic Police of Kallithea for their substantial contribution to traffic regulations and providing additional security. (The challenging task of guarding included sections of the route in the Municipalities of Paleo Faliro, Kallithea, and Alimos)

♦ The Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) for the necessary traffic regulations on the day of the races.

♦ The Port Authority of Saronic Gulf - 1st Port Authority of Flisvos, the Police Department of Paleo Faliro, the Police Department of Alimos, and the Police Department of Kallithea, for their significant contribution to the management of the 3 Marinas, Flisvos Marina, New Marina Alimos, and Kallithea Sailing Marina.

♦ The Association of Greek Gymnastic & Athletic Clubs (SEGAS) in whose calendar the races are included, for the smooth process of approvals.

♦ The European Federation "Sport for All" (UESpT), under the auspices of which the races are organized.

♦ The Parents & Guardians Union of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro and the members of our artistic team "Flisvos" for their contribution to the successful organization of the Children's Painting Competition & Exhibition for children aged 4-14, with the theme of running.

Finally, we would like to thank all the other unseen collaborators - volunteers who have contributed greatly to the preparation of the races and who, due to our oversight, were not mentioned in this press release.

With the massive participation of our runner friends and the support of our sponsors, organizations, and volunteers, we hope that the 16th Organization of the races on April 27, 2025, will be established as a milestone year in the course of the races, with new participation records from European and international destinations.

Full Speed Ahead! - Sunday, April 27, 2025 - We Run! We Create! We Have Fun!

AUSPICES: The races are under the auspices of:

the Region of Attica
the Municipality of Paleo Faliro
the Municipality of Alimos
the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT)
the World Health Organization - Healthy Cities
the Hellenic Diabetes Association (EDE)
the Hellenic Police
the European Federation "Sport for All" (UESpT)

CO-ORGANIZATION: Municipal Sports and Cultural Center (PO.A.KE) of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro.


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