"The 15th Poseidon Athens Half Marathon goes green... Together, we protect both the race and the environment!

Social and Environmental Program of Athens Half Marathon Posidon

The Poseidon Athens Half Marathon will be “green” and help the protection of the environment, in cooperation with the environmental organization Institute Team for the World - Environmental Alliance 2004+".

Since its initiation, Poseidon Athens Half Marathon has paid a lot of attention, not only to the athletic aspect of the event, but also to its environmental footprint.

With a series of environment friendly initiatives, such as the recycling program, the used sports shoes voluntary  donation initiative and the banners reuse program.

This year, the organizing committees will implement a recycling program for paper and other recyclables as well as for compostables, and will ask the participants and the public to bring and donate  their used sport shoes.

This effort, will be part of the program for the reduction of single use plastics in cultural and sports events of INSTITUTE TEAM FOR THE WORLD , funded by the Green Fund of the Greek Ministry of Environment and has the support of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro


In the frame of its sustainability policy, Poseidon Athens Half Marathon, invite all the participants to bring with them  and donate,  their used sports shoes.

The donated goods will be forwarded by TEAM FOR THE WORLD to groups and individuals in need  with the support of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro.

We invite you to bring your donations , which you may leave   during the tournament in the designated area during your Registration for the race

Sports shoes and sports wear forgotten in a box or on a shelf at our homes will be reused by people, who need not only to work out, but also need them in their daily lives.

Please make sure that your donations are in good condition.

The LET THEM RUN AGAIN FOR A GOOD CAUSE initiative is under the auspices of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

Waste Reduction: Reduce:

Do not litter along the race route.

Reduce the quantity and volume of your waste.

Avoid products with excessive packaging that end up as waste. Reuse:

Choose reusable packaging or packaging made from recycled materials.

Reuse the race bag and avoid using single-use plastic bags and other single-use plastics.

Recycle: Keep the plastic bottle and dispose of it in the next recycling bin along the route.

Separate recyclable materials such as paper, aluminum, plastic, glass, and dispose of them in appropriately marked bins where possible.

Choose recycled products in your shopping. Prefer water bottles that can be refilled.

Give your sports equipment and sportswear (suits, shoes) a second life by donating them. Participate in the shoe collection and reuse program 'LET THEM RUN AGAIN.'

Reduce water consumption:

At the finish line, pour the excess water into water collection containers.

The water will be used for watering the green spaces of the Faliro Bay. 75% of household water use is consumed in the bathroom, while we use 40% more water than we need.

Do not waste water by letting the tap run when you are in the bathroom or brushing your teeth.

Choose your mode of transportation: If possible, walk or bike to the race.Choose carpooling with other athletes to reduce unnecessary trips.

Contribute to limiting and preventing air pollution and reducing energy use by using public transportation to and from your sports activities.

Protect the planet's climate.

Energy use reduction:

Use rechargeable batteries for your portable sound system and avoid batteries containing cadmium or mercury.

Remember to turn off your electrical devices when you do not need them.

Learn to search for and recognize the environmental labels of products and energy-saving symbols.

Remember to unplug your phone charger after charging your phone. Inform and encourage your fellow athletes, your sports club, friends, and family to adopt environmentally friendly habits.

Let's all try to leave only our traces in the environment

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