Donations of participants 2023 - Race of Charity Run 1 & 2 km for the purposes of the "ALMA" Association, for children with mental retardation and autism

In order to participate in the Social Offer Race individually or as a group, school, etc., one pays per person a symbolic amount or any larger amount desired directly into the bank account of the "ALMA" Association.

In addition to the separate race, with the operation of the new registration system from this year, we also included the possibility that every participating runner of the other races has, to voluntarily contribute to the "ALMA" Association.

Despite the very short period of time that the registrations lasted, 177 domestic and foreign runners, during their registration, included an amount to support the "ALMA" Association.

We thank them all very much for their social sensitivity!

The extra amount collected amounted to the amount of 1,193 euros and will be given to the "ALMA" Association on the day of the games during the Team Awards.

The Organization provided the "ALMA" Association with the list of contributions, in order to personally thank each one of them for their social sensitivity

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